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Prototypes can be designed and built for evaluation and testing of designs, prior to production. These can range from simple hand built circuits to full pre-production models.

Key Benefits


One offs or small batch prototypes


Professional quality


Simplifies procurement for clients as once we have a purchase order for the project we will do the rest  


Faster response as clients do not need to "code up" or approve individual components that may only be used for evaluation


We can support our prototypes and add modifications or enhancements


We can also convert our prototypes into production



Basic circuits using leaded components can be constructed on perforated prototyping board.

Surface Mount

For more complex circuits and those using surface mount components PCBs can be designed, procured, assembled and tested. Usually large tooling charges do not apply and rapid turn around can be achieved.

Evaluation Boards

In many cases manufacturers evaluation boards can be obtained and adapted for use. This can provide a quick and cost effective method.

Automated Systems

Where more complex systems are required, for example, to run sequences or acquire and log data we can develop prototypes based around modular micro-controllers platforms. We can also provide the code to operate and control the device. Our preferred language for this is Venom-SC which allows us to very rapidly produce code, but also provides sophisticated multi-tasking facilities suited to many prototype applications.


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