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Development usually includes design, but this may not always be the case. We can offer clients additional resources to take an existing design through the various stages to production, including analysis, reworking existing designs or debugging. 

Key Benefits


Providing extra development resources for specific projects 


Independent view point to restart stalled developments


Wide ranging experience


Special expertise (see products pages)


The following techniques are used as required for development projects.


Systems and circuit design from specifications or out-line functional requirements. Component level design or sub-assembly integration.


First principle component level analysis and simulation of analogue and digital circuits, including transfer functions, tolerances, worst case limits and timing diagrams.


Requirement capture from stake holders and user needs written into clear specifications.

Feasibility Studies

Both paper exercises and hardware tests can be used to assess the feasibility  of an idea or concept. 

Failure Mode Effects Analysis

In some application, such as medical products failures can be critical and in most products failures are undesirable as they damage brand and company images. FMEA is a technique for assessing the types of failures that can occur and the resulting consequences.

Reliability Analysis

Reliability reports can be provided based on MIL-HBK-217 methods.

De-rating Analysis

Reliability of a product usually depends on the degree of stress placed on components. De-rating analysis is a method of ensuring that components are used within correct limits. These are usually based on JPL Component De-rating Guidelines.

Functional Testing

Functional testing can be performed on products developed by AEDL and often on devices developed by clients where an independent test is required.


Formal reports can be provided for any part of the design or development process.

Preparation for Regulatory Approvals 

For a product to be marketed in the European union it is often necessary to obtain certification of the appropriate regulatory compliance. AEDL can prepare equipment and arrange for this testing and certification to be carried out by an approved testing body.



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