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The main area of design expertise is in electronic circuits and systems. However, system projects often include overlap into mechanical casings and embedded software development.

Key Benefits

bulletCustom designs to clients specification
bulletAssistance can be provided to turn an idea into design
bullet25 years design experience, so well equipped to advise on best practice
bulletCommercially aware of cost and quality issues
bulletCan work independently or with client's in-house teams



Conversion of requirements into design output specifications.

Hardware Design

Selection of components and circuit design to implement the output specifications.

Schematic Capture

Design entry into CAD using Protel in-house or clients system.

PCB Layout

Conversion of schematics into CAD layout for printed circuit boards producing Gerber manufacturing files (Protel in-house).

BOM Generation

Bill of Materials compilation including manufacture's and distributor's part information (Protel/Excel).

Interconnecting Cable Drawings

Designs for customised cables drawn on CAD (Visio).

Programmable Logic

For design flexibility digital circuits can be implemented using programmable logic devices .

Firmware Specification

Pseudo-code can be provided for embedded code required to run on hardware designs. Code can sometimes also be developed in house or out- sourced to software development specialists.

Test and Development System Software

Where code is required, for example, controlling a test rig or a development prototype, then this can be written in house. The preferred language is Venom-SC. The preferred language for PC based applications for data logging and processing is Excel VBA




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